Day 4: Going Dutch

Today was a pretty eventful one.  We were up by 8:30 and out of the condo at 9 to catch the metro downtown.  First stop was the Pancake Bakery.  Their pancakes here are so different. They are stuffed with ingredients (like an omelette) and not nearly as sweet as ours in America.  I got ham, mushrooms, and cheese in mine.  Des had pineapple and banana topped with ice cream.  Oh, and I had a Heineken with breakfast.  Why?  Because here that’s normal.  Following breakfast, we had the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank Haus museum.  I strongly suggest getting your tickets in advance and making your reservation as early in the day as you can because the line can get long and the annex packed.  Thankfully, Desirée handled all of that ahead of time.

After the museum, we had some time to kill so we walked around until our city tour started, stopping every so often to explore places that caught our eyes.  At 1:30, the tour began and was extremely long and detailed.  I learned more about Amsterdam than I really wanted to know but it makes for some cool table talk (and some tired feet).  Example: The Dutch are known as a particularly cheap people so that’s why, when we say going on a date and each party paying for themselves is called “Going dutch.”  Soon after this tour, we grabbed some sandwiches, got lost (unintentionally this time), and finally made our way back to Centraal Station to get home.

We took a very necessary nap and then we decided we wanted to get up and catch one more critical cultural experience.  So we left at 10:30 PM and went to see the world famous Red Light District.  It was lit…erally lit.  Haha.  The metro stops running at 12:30 AM so we caught the last train home and that was our night.  Tomorrow is our last day here and, tomorrow night, we’re off to London.

Make exploration a priority.


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