Day 6: Here Comes the Sun

Thank the Lord above for a good night’s rest.  Our first few hours in London were less than desirable but, after some sleep, I was still a bit irritable but better than I would have been had I had a restless night.

The first thing we did after we got up and cleaned up was to catch an Uber from the flat to the currency exchange closest to us because, as I said on Day 5, euros don’t work in London.  Luckily, the metro station was right beside the currency exchange, so we caught it to Buckingham Palace.  It was a zoo out there!  Folks from all over the world had crowded the front of the palace, so we had to stand across the street and watch the festivities from a distance.  There was some ceremonial procession going on with a band, horses, and soldiers in full regalia.  After getting some good pictures there and at Big Ben, we grabbed a bite to eat at Taylor Walker, a pub downtown that has been standing since 1730.  Coming to London, there was one thing I knew I had to try and that was the fish and chips (fried cod fish and fries for you Americans reading this) with a beer.  It was pretty darn good.  And the bread they served with it was so fresh.  Taylor Walker has a proprietary pale ale called “1730,” which was better than I expected.  Folks say that the Brits drink warm beer but that isn’t the case.  They just don’t keep it as cold as we do.  It was more the temperature of apple juice.  I prefer an ice cold beer but to complain would be me being picky for the heck of it.  Desirée had something called a steak pie with mashed potatoes.  She said it was both filling and good but I was too into my fish and chips to even try a bite of hers.

We then found ourselves walking around the city for 3 or 4 hours, hopping on and off double decker buses thanks to our day pass.  Eventually we found Abbey Road where The Beatles took their famous photograph.  Luckily, I figured we might find the road today so I put on my graphic tee with The Beatles underneath my sweatshirt.  Made for a pretty neat photo opp.

I would be remiss if I didn’t cite Mr. Chris Rock in quoting him: “Women be shoppin!”  I swear we spent 45 minutes searching for the right scarf.  And I’m used to that.  The thing is, in America, when I go to the mall with Mrs. Daniels, I have internet access.  Here, I didn’t.  And I had left my book at the flat.  Thank God I had my journal on hand but a man can only write so much.

After the cruel and unusual punishment… I mean, after the shopping, we headed back home.  I grabbed some jerk chicken from this authentic Caribbean spot called Jerky’s and Desirée got a panini from the mall.  Netflix lullabied us to sleep.

Make exploration a priority.


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