An Ode to Mr. Burns, III

I didn’t know you well enough but I knew you well
I didn’t see you cross the stage but knew you could not fail
And that, my friend, is a great legacy to have left
Because of you, many children will take intentional steps
To continue striving for greatness. So, yes, on that note, he did use his degree
He stepped up to the plate of life swinging for the trees
Always pleasant, he and I often met with a joke and a smile
A light skinned Que who thought he had  an Alpha’s style
A respectable young brother.  Stand up fellow indeed
Rambunctious? Sometimes but it’s his passion you saw bleed
Through everything he did, frat, class, or work
A brother gone too soon.  I will not lie, it hurts
But God knows what we don’t understand.
Rest in peace Mr. Burns, III until we meet again.


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