Day 8: The DaVinci Code

This morning, I was awoken by a woman with an agenda.  Well, really the agenda was just to make it to our tour of central Paris on time but she was insistent that I wake up.  So, up I woke.  After getting dressed (and seeing the sad news that Muhammad Ali passed away today as well as hearing the devastating information that my fellow UNCG alumnus Mr. Charles Burns, III passed suddenly), we made our way to the metro and headed for the world famous Lourve.  Our guide was pretty engaging and showed us a bunch of hidden gems around that zone of the city.  Free tours are the way to go in a foreign country!

The tour ended in a garden that was amazing up from the ground.  I say that intentionally as opposed to “From the ground up.”  You see, Parisian gardens and parks are very different from American ones in one very noticeable aspect: they don’t have much grass, if any.  Beautiful trees.  Amazing shrubbery.  But grass?  Only in small patches that are roped off from the public.  But the plants were so beautiful that we took some photos anyway.  Then we grabbed some pizzas from an authentic Italian restaurant before our many-mile trek to the Eiffel Tower.  You can’t go to the City of Lights without seeing it so we went and took some more fun pictures.  By that time, we were ready to make our way back home but that was a task in itself because the metro station by the tower was shut down so we walked a couple more miles to the next station.

Exhausted as our feet were after 11+ miles (source: iPhone) it was an eventful and culture-filled day.

Make exploration a priority.


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