Day 9: Excuse My French But I’m In France

Today was phenomenal!  One of Desirée’s sorority sisters, Temilola Ajibulu, who happens to be an amazing freelance photographer, is in Europe this week as well graduating from her MBA program and she wanted to take some pictures of us for her portfolio so we went back to the Lourve, as well as to a park and a garden for a fun French photoshoot.  By then, hunger had gotten us, so we found a nice looking restaurant by the Lourve.  The food was decent.  One interesting thing about Europe though is that bottled water costs at least the same if not more than a glass of wine or a beer. So, whereas I’m used to asking for tap water wherever I go to eat in the U.S., here, I’m having a beer or wine because the costs even out.

Afte lunch we took an hour-long trip to Versailles to see the palace there.  That thing was HUMUNGOUS!  We didn’t go in the home but we did walk around the garden behind it.  It wasn’t free but it was worth the $9 per adult.  The detail and beauty of it made me want to call Temi and have her come out there for some more photos.  3 hours later, we were tired of walking through what appeared to be the continent’s most amazing garden so we went back to the city and turned in for the night, stopping on the way for some snacks from the artisan bakery across the street from the apartment (side note: I need to learn how to make baguettes).  It was a perfect day in France.

Make exploration a priority.


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