Day 10: The Beginning of the End

Here it is, my last day in Paris and I feel like I just got to Europe.  Actually, I’m lying.  Amazing as this trip has been, I am ready to get home, walk around in my boxers, and watch Hulu (our account doesn’t work in this part of the world).  We made the most of our last day here though.  It is Desirée’s 27th birthday so we slept in and, at noon, went to a baking class (one of her favorite things to do).  Mind you, I hate baking but today isn’t about me.  Worse than baking is that the class was 3 hours long.  Worse than the length is the fact that it was entirely in French.  Thankfully there was a Parisian in the class who speaks fluent English.  The 3 hours turned into 5 because the ingredients don’t do well in humid weather but finally we got our macroons and got on out of there.  Important part was that she had fun but I know to stay in my lane.  If I bake, the ingredients come straight from this lady named Betty Crocker.

Following the baking class, we went back to the Effiel area to hang out and wait around for it to light up.  Definitely a beautiful scene.  If you ever have a chance to see it, take it.  We made it back to the apartment around 12, showered, and packed for our flight back.

Make exploration a priority.


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