Ultralight Beam Tuesday

Today, I’m on an ultralight beam.  I mean, on a ROLL.  Completed 6 projects that I’ve had writer’s block on for too long.  Structured another project.  Sometimes you just have those days where all barriers are removed and, on those days, you have to do everything you can to take advantage of them.  Let the creativity flow and make something great happen.  You have 8 hours at work.  If the creative juices flow correctly, you can get 40 hours worth of work done in those 8.

Ironically, when I realized that I was on a roll, I was listening to Kanye’s “Ultralight Beam” and figured “That would be a pretty dope name for this post.”  I, personally, define an ultralight beam as having clarity in creative vision.  And that is what today is.


Make professional development a priority.


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