Day 12: Back In the States

This morning, we made it back to the airport at 10:00 AM after having a light breakfast.  Sadly, there was not a shuttle waiting on us in the lobby, as promised by WOW air but I didn’t expect there to be one.  Sad how one bad experience can ruin a customer’s opinion of a company.

Once we reached the check in counter, Desirée and I were told that we would be taking a 2:30 PM flight to Baltimore with a layover in London.  But, instead of flying with WOW, we got bumped to British Airways.  It was the best flight of our lives.  8 hours in the air was quite lengthy but it came with a three-course meal, a sandwich as a snack, drinks, and a complimentary airplane bottle of Jack Daniel’s.  The seats were plush and the movies were new (each person had a television of their own).  Mind you, all of this was found in the economy class so you can imagine what the first class was like.

We got back and, though we had originally planned taking the Megabus back, we ended up renting a car because we had missed our reservation from Tuesday.  On Thursday at 4:00 AM, we made it back to Durham and were exhausted.  Europe was amazing but gosh it feels good to be back home.  Now I’m off work until Monday and I get to recoup and get my life back in order.


Make exploration a priority.


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