Can You Find The Mistake?

John’s network got him a job opportunity with Firm A and School B.  Firm A ended up moving their hiring process quickly whereas School B was taking their time.  So, by the time School B reached back out to John, he had already accepted a Firm A’s offer (but, like any motivated young professional, he spoke with School B about what they were offering).  After consideration, Firm A was still a better decision for John.

Still, School B asked him if he knew any good candidates for the role.  He referred his good friend Joe.  So, Dr. Donald Jones from School B reached out to Joe via e-mail.  Joe responded:


Joseph B. Low

Mind you, Joe doesn’t know Dr. Jones from a stranger on the street.  So, referring to Dr. Jones as “Don” (not even Donald) was a bit too comfortable.  When Dr. Jones and John had lunch soon after, Joe’s faux pas came up.

So, who made the mistake?  John, Joe, or Dr. Jones?  And what was the mistake?


Make professional development a priority.



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