A Bit of Polish Goes A Long Way

I was born into a generation where folks believe that what you see is what you get.  I’m here to refute that.  Stop being OK with mistakes.  Yes, they happen but, if you can fix them, do it.

I was looking at an acquaintance’s social media account the other day.  The person wrote something along the lines of “These Are tough days In america. No one knows Which way is up.”  Now, this is a degree-holding adult with no understanding of where to place capital letters.  Or, worse, it may be that she just doesn’t care.

Now, on to the next example: Recently, a gentleman reached out to me on LinkedIn.  I didn’t know him from a stranger on the street but, sometimes a person’s profile will intrigue me enough to accept the invitation to connect.  Sadly, his did not.  Immediately, I saw that his profile photograph was scanned in, poorly cropped, and discolored.  Additionally, the positions he listed on his profile didn’t align with my professional goals.  All in all, there was nothing that made me say “It would behoove me to connect with this fellow.”  A polished profile may have done that though.

I’ll put it this way: Shoes are made to serve a functional purpose, but the unpolished shoe won’t get you past the interview.  The same applies to your presence online; it serves a purpose but, if the purpose it serves is unintentional and lazy in nature, you won’t get past Point A.


Make professional development a priority.


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