I’ll Have Wisdom With a Side of Humility

Guys, we are the generation that has every single piece of recorded data at our fingertips. Our know it all disposition was unavoidable. But we have to reprogram our thinking folks. We have to humble ourselves. Our elders, the ones who have been through the ringer quite a few times, though they may not have as much (access to) information as we do, have more knowledge of how to use the knowledge they have (no matter how limited that may be). So, no matter how much we know that we know what we know, we don’t know how to know it. That’s where our elders come in. So let’s humble ourselves and take a full serving of wisdom with a side of humility. But make sure you sprinkle their wisdom with some modernized common sense for seasoning’s sake (unless you like your chicken extra bland like some folks). I said they’re wise. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right. But you can learn from mistakes just as well as successes, if not better than.


Make professional development a priority.


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