For Where Your Treasure Is…

When is the last time you spent some money on your own growth, spiritually-, physically-, or professionally-speaking? We are often quick to spend money on our happiness but what about our development? $50/month for cable service. $40 for internet. $10/week at the movie theater. It’s important to be happy but how long do you think you’ll be able to maintain that life that you love if you’re not growing in your field? Eventually, prices will go up but, if you’re not performing at a high level, your pay won’t. So invest in yourself. Budget $20 every month on a book. Set aside $1,000 annually on professional conference costs (unless your job will pay for it, which is always nice). Pay a consultant to review and revamp your résumé. Sure, building your wardrobe is all well and good but how you look doesn’t matter at all if you don’t know anything that is going to make the company want you. And this is applicable to every category of your life. Invest in your spiritual growth by purchasing a devotional (or just finding a free one and dedicating time to it daily). Invest in your health by spending a few extra dollars buying foods that will strengthen your body as opposed to helping it deteriorate faster. Invest in your loved ones by surprising them with random gifts or notes or anything that will put a smile on their faces. But, most of all, invest in yourself. For the return it will bring, you can afford to. That’s a promise.


Make professional development a priority.


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