Show Me Some Proof

At one point or another in your professional career or personal life, you’re going to have to write something. And, if you’re writing, chances are you’re human (or a very well trained ape). Either way, you will have a mistake. Something will be misspelled. You will transcribe letters. Maybe you’ll even leave out a word all together. Shoot, I do it on here more frequently I’d like to (just kidding, but you see how easy it is to be typing so fast that you forget something minor). The problem is, something minor (to you) could be major to the person who is reading your writing and could provide you with the opportunity of a lifetime. So I strongly suggest you have someone proof your work. Let it be someone you trust to be honest with you without worrying about hurting your feelings (and if someone telling you that you misspelled/misused a word will hurt your feelings, we’ve got a bigger problem on our hands). Have them comb through your writing every so often just to make sure it’s not full of mistakes. And, if you disagree with one of the suggestions made, be able to back it up. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime because you thought yourself too smart to be flawed. Humble yourself and ask for help. We all need it.


Make professional development a priority.


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