The Necessity of #InstagramStories

Yes, Instagram did take Snapchat’s idea. I posted about it on Friday. That’s old news. And, really, it’s none of our business. Sure, it sucks for Snapchat but how can you, as a business/brand, leverage this to your benefit?

I’ll tell you, my personal Instagram is going to be pretty story-less. I dig Snapchat because I (feel like I) have more privacy there. But, when it comes to building a brand, privacy isn’t what you want. So @DanDailyReader on IG will be posting something to stories pretty frequently. More often, it will be lifestyle than the hard rules that relate to professional development but still, it will be content that is engaging and relevant. Snapchat just wasn’t the platform for me to do that. Sure, I promoted the brand but it wasn’t brand-centric. Instagram stories, however, can and will be. So make sure you’re following @DanDailyReader on Instagram (and same handle Twitter as well, since we’re at it). Take advantage of this horrible situation for Snapchat (though I don’t see it shortening the lifespan of Snap too much. Maybe it’s growth but those of us who liked it before will probably keep liking it {until Instagram gets some better filters. Then Snapchat may have a problem or twenty.}.).  <– I need to look those parentheses up to see if I placed all punctuation correctly. You should too. It’s always a good time to learn.


Make professional development a priority.


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