What I Learned This Weekend

This weekend, I played one of my favorite games from childhood: solitaire. Of course, in 2016, I generally play it on my laptop or iPhone but the concept is no different than playing it with an actual deck. There are only two things that make the digital version more strenuous: the timer and the score. See, when I used to play with a deck, I was just trying to finish the game. But when I play on my phone, I’m always looking at the score or the timer.

For the longest time, if my score dropped too low or it was taking me too much time, I would start a new game. Who cares? It’s just a game, right? No. There is a lesson in it, especially for entrepreneurs. The lesson is not to worry about the time it’s taking you to reach your goal. Don’t worry about the score. You’re not playing against anyone but yourself. So don’t quit because the game is taking too long or your score is too low. Only quit the game when there are no other options to succeed. Then, and only then, do you start a new game.


Make professional development a priority.


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