Put It On Your Calendar

I am a firm believer in not only having an organized calendar but also in “inspiring” those I work with to have one too.

I personally like to keep a hard copy calendar as well as a digital one so that, if my phone dies or I’m not around a computer, I can refer to my planner. The important thing about that is to keep the two synced. I take time every week to audit my calendars, even going as far as to add things that I didn’t originally have scheduled, so I can always have an accurate account of where I was if I ever need to refer back.

Now, you may ask how I “inspire” those around me to utilize a calendar. Simple. Whenever I schedule a meeting with anyone (from social drinks to a work meeting), I send them a calendar invitation so that they can confirm their attendance. Not only does it help them be more organized (if they weren’t already) but it also keeps them on time because, in my invitations, I always include two digital reminder pop up notifications.

If you want to be successful, you have to manage your time effectively. You don’t have to have multiple calendars, but you do have to have something that keeps you focused and reminds you not to waste time.
Make professional development a priority.



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