Take Ownership

I have a confession: I’ve been late before.

Yes, me! Mr. Stickler-For-Time-Management has been tardy. And I am embarrassed to say it has happened a couple times over the course of my professional life. No where near regularly. I may be late to something once a year (as opposed to some folks who I know will be late for any and everything). Seriously. But I am flawed. And, when I make the mistake of not being somewhere when I say I will, I apologize. It’s that simple.

Now, this isn’t just about time. It’s about life. When you are in the wrong, accept the fact that you are, apologize sincerely, and move forward, making sure that it is known as a simple mistake going forward as opposed to an innate character flaw. That will bring you honor as opposed to disdain.
Make professional development a priority.


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