Look Into the Future

Most people can’t read palms or look into crystal balls and tell exactly what tomorrow will bring. I sure can’t. Well, not really. What I can do is look at my calendar for the next day before I walk out of the office and make sure I walk into work prepared the following day. That’s my superpower. Guess what? You have the same power. Waiting until you arrive at work may be too late. I try to avoid it but sometimes I have 8:00 AM meetings. Now, if I get to work at 8 unaware of the meeting that starts at 8, I’m already running behind because I a) am not seated and b) don’t have the materials necessary to be successful in the meeting. So, before leaving the office, I make sure I’m ready for the next day.

Long story short, control what you can control and leave the rest up to the Powers That Be.
Make professional development a priority. 


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