Keeping Your Personal Life in Check

No one wants to work with someone whose life is a mess. Unless you work with an entertainer and then, maybe it provides them with more publicity and keeps them relevant. But, for the majority of those reading my blog, our office’s biggest celebrity is whoever brings in doughnuts for the rest of the team. So, once again, drama is bad.

In school, it may have been cool to be the playboy or the girl who shops with no sense of how much she’s spent but, in real life, it discourages people from wanting to work with you. See, the guy with a wife/steady girlfriend and 3 women on the side is likely going to get caught. And, when said guy gets caught, the quality of his work will likely deteriorate. So, if that guy is you, how about you, at the very least, keep it to yourself. Or, if you’re the young lady who purchases $1,200 shoes at a $35,000/year salary, chances are that, if life happens all at once (as it does for everyone at one point or another), your shoes won’t keep a roof over your head.

So, folks, my suggestion is to live a modest, honest life. Sure, enjoy it. Travel. Buy nice things. But live within your means. Because we’ve all seen the terrible fall from grace of someone who lives outside of them.

Make professional development a priority.


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