Your Team Needs Resources

I’ve recently started a new role in which I’ve been afforded more resources than I’ve ever previously had. I have the money needed to learn, try, (hopefully not) fail, and do it all again. I’m able to go to conferences and buy books that will help me be better at what I do. I can use my imagination and the sky is the limit. It excites me to know that I work for an institution that is investing as much in me as I look to invest in them.

It’s kind of like being in love with the right person. Someone who gives you their all and you do the same. The potential for growth is endless.

I say all of that to say this: If you’re in a position to make decisions, certainly provide your team with the money they need to live comfortably. But also invest in them and their potential. If you do it right, they’re more likely to stick around.


Make professional development a priority.


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