You’re A Human First and Foremost

Yesterday’s post was atypical for this blog. It was about public policy and not professional development. But my blog, though not as noteworthy as Seth Godins, gets a good number of hits every day. And I believe that ethics play a major role in professionalism. Someone who won’t stand for anything is not worth his/her earnings.

Not saying you have to take a political stance. But take a stance. If you don’t believe kids should be sold into slavery, do something. If you believe racism is a cancer in this country, work to eradicate it. If you have a following on social media, speak words against what you feel to be evil and take actions that reflect that school of thought.

You’re a human being who is in a profession. The profession is secondary. Don’t lose what makes you human: Your sense of right and wrong and your voice to speak out against those wrongs.


Make humanity a priority.


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