Penmanship Still Matters

In a day and age of digital, does handwriting still matter? What about spelling? Are any of the archaic methods we used to write important to the modern day “art” of writing? Well, let me tell you, they are.

In an industry where my letters are typed, my signatures are still handwritten. Additionally, I still write many of my thank you cards by hand. It is important that I can A) write legibly, and B) write with confidence that I am spelling things correctly. Sure, I could always Google the spelling of words (and sometimes I must) but, being raised in an era where the dictionary was my best friend, I know how to spell most words. And the fact that I still read regularly helps my spelling in ways that I can see (based on some tweets I see on my timeline) my contemporaries are not being helped.

That’s my spelling but what helps my handwriting? I’m glad you asked. It’s my journal. I still journal regularly (though not daily as I promised myself I would…*takes typing break and writes down current state of mind in leather bound book*).

Ok, I’m back. But, really folks, let’s not be so arrogant that we believe our technologies could never fail. And then what? Then we will need tangible books, actual paper, and volumes that have collected dust over the past decade and a half.

I haven’t forgotten how to write with the same elements of style that Strunk and White did. Have you?


Make professional development  a priority.


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