Corporate Drinking 101

Last night we had a work event and guess what? The bar was open.

I believe in drinking at work events where I’m developing relationships but I only do so socially. And I don’t mean socially in the social fraternity way. I mean I will have 1-2 drinks and those will be babysat. If I’m there to work, I need to be fully aware because the last thing anyone needs is a drunken slip of the tongue. At best, it could lose me a donor. At worst, it could lose me my livelihood.

But what about work events where drinking is allowed but you are “working?” Good question. Holiday parties and the like can be tricky. If you are one who drinks, you want to have fun but know when enough is enough and cut yourself off 2-3 drinks before that. At this time, be social in the social fraternity way but do so as if you may one day want to be the chapter’s advisor. See, no one wants a stiff coworker (if you have reason behind abstaining from alcohol, stick to your guns and still have fun) but no one wants to promote the sloppy drunk. Find a happy medium and be happy there.

When all else fails, remember the 3 S’s:

Be social. Be sociable. But never be sloppy.

Make professional development a priority.


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