Why I Love What I Do

I fundraise.

I fundraise for a relatively small PS-8 independent school.

I fundraise for a relatively small PS-8 independent school that is in one of the most educated metropolitan areas in the nation per capita.

Yet, when I look at the school, I see that it is only 30% “diverse” (minority). I don’t know the exact percentage breakdown but I do know that the number of kids who have two African American or Latino parents is slim. The dollars I raise don’t just go to making sure that all students (regardless of race) have the opportunity to go to the school. The money also goes to professional development of faculty & staff as well as technological enhancements.

The thing is, no matter what, kids whose parents can afford teachers with all those credentials and all of that tech would have those resources regardless. But I am ensuring that those kids who may not have had anywhere else they could go to receive such an outstanding education with all the bells and whistles get it. And the poor white kids have family members who go to this school and know that there is financial aid. But, if you’re a struggling Black or Brown family with no ties to the school’s community, you think that the $xx,000 price tag is set in stone and you don’t even apply to go.

Well, guess what? It’s not set in stone. And I’m out here raising money so that all kids, regardless of where they start, can have the same opportunity to finish in the same place that Becky with the good hair’s kids finish.

America cannot be great without all Americans being given the opportunity to be great and that means evening the playing field. So that’s my agenda. To make the world fair. If that offends you, ask yourself this question: Why?

Find a reason bigger than yourself to be great at what you do.


Make professional development a priority.


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