Know Your Audience

For the longest time I thought I was only supposed to know my target market. So I studied them. I learned what they were looking for and gave them something to look at. What I never looked into was my audience. I didn’t consider the difference.

There is a difference, ladies and gentlemen. See, your target market is who you know is looking for you. But your audience is who isn’t looking for you favorably but rather to find flaws in you. To tear down your character. There are people like that in the world. I have encountered them. They have lost me jobs. So be careful what you put out. Your target market is there, yes. But so are those who will oppose you. They will work to pull you down. Pull you back. Keep you from your professional growth. Be aware of what your target market wants but also be mindful of what your opposition will pit set up against you.


Make professional development a priority.


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