iOrange-E: Brand Review

How many of us have iPhones? I’m willing to bet that between 1/3 and 1/2 of my readers do. And how many will be upgrading their iPhone 5(s)/6(s) to a 7? Well, I’d definitely suggest making sure you protect it with a case. But, what I’ve realized through my past 3 iPhones is that a case alone is not enough. And the thin film screens don’t protect it to the point that I would like.

An iPhone needs a tempered glass screen protector that is going to hold up. I’ve tried a few different brands (that will remain nameless) and none of them hold a candle to iOrange-E’s tempered glass screen protector. I’m a bit accident prone and we all know what a cracked iPhone screen looks like. Well, I also know what a scratched iPhone screen looks like and it’s just as unappealing. This protector will keep my current iPhone screen in pristine condition. It is scratch-proof, waterproof, anti-oil, dirt-proof, and anti-fingerprint. Being that first impressions are EVERYTHING and people can be very observant, keeping everything you own looking good is critical to developing a successful brand. (Sidebar for another post: No one wants to hire anyone who doesn’t take pride in their own items because one could assume they won’t take care of the company’s property.)

When I get my next iPhone, I will make sure to go right back to iOrange-E. This is my second product from the brand (I also have one of their awesome heavy duty lightening charge cords) and I think they will be my go to brand for my Apple products from now on.

You can purchase yours at


I received this product for free from iOrange-E in return for an honest, unbiased review.


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