Beard Season Cometh

Slowly but surely, it’s cooling down outside. We’ve reached that time of year for spiced beers, pumpkiny lattés, and, yes, beards. Now, beards aren’t for every corporate setting. Know where you are and what you do before you think about growing one. Airing on the side of caution, I usually have an open discussion with my superior(s) after receiving my job offer, asking questions about norms within that organization’s culture. Thankfully, I am able to get away with a beard in my current role but I’ve been places where it was frowned upon and I’ve heard about places in which it is a blacklistable offense.

But, if you do decide to don the grizzly look, make sure you don’t look too bear-like. Keep it shaped up, trimmed, and mind the lines. Right now, I’m in the beginning stages of growing mine so, of course it is a bit patchy but I also know my facial hair. After about a month, it begins to fill out. At the two month mark, it’s solid. And from there, it’s ready for No Shave November. Following November, I tend to coast through the winter until I have a reason to chop it all off and start fresh. I rarely go more than 3 months without cutting it down but this year, I’m going to try to go the whole distance until March.

The way I present myself is very important to who I am. But you can have fun and develop a hip personality while still looking clean. It’s all about the details. Pay attention to them.

Tomorrow, I will be posting about how I trim my facial hair so that I can give you an idea of how to keep a sense of style while still maintaining a professional demeanor.


Make professional development a priority.



  1. Every season is beard season. I trimmed mine short recently as it was looking a bit untidy as I hadn’t trimmed it for about 6 months but now I regret picking up the clippers. I should’ve left it long dammit!!!


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