Putting the Phone Down

How many of you have problems putting your phone down? I know I did. For a while, I had to have it on me at all times. It was only recently that I began intentionally leaving it in my office when I’d make a run across campus. Or, when I’m at home, sometimes I will let it die. Why? Because, at those times, I can be reached in the case of an emergency (at work, I can be reached at my work number and at home, anyone who really needs me can get me through Desirée.

But why let your phone die? Because it is liberating to not be chained to an 8 ounce piece of technology. We were not made to always be connected. Sometimes we need solace. Smart phones do not allow us that basic necessity.

Next weekend, take a day away from your phone. At least half a day. It is cathartic. And the world will keep spinning without you responding to every iMessage or e-mail within a half hour.

And for all of you who, like me, try to find loopholes in things, put your tablet and computer away as well. Spend time reading or talking with a loved one or working out or anything but being consumed by technology.


Make professional development a priority. 



  1. We’ve put some much weight on technology as a foundation that if God forbid something were to happen, many businesses would suffer even if it were for just an hour. On a personal note, it is weight-lifting to go without a phone. Love your work. Keep writing!


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