Don’t Just Be Open to Criticism

If you want to survive and succeed in the world, don’t just be open to criticism – solicit it. Ask for feedback after major projects, meetings, and events. That’s the only way you will develop as a professional and a leader. If you never ask an honest, “How did I do?” how will you figure out your flaws? Everyone is biased either in favor of or against themselves. Sometimes, the feedback you receive will let you know that you didn’t do as poorly as you think you did (so you’ll stop being as hard on yourself as you are). Other times, feedback will let you know you need to sharpen up in some aspects. For example, there are instances in which I speak to a group and I’m nervous. It doesn’t happen much but it happens. When I feel myself getting nervous, I have to intentionally slow down my speaking because my natural inclination is to talk faster so that I can get out of the uncomfortable situation. I didn’t realize that until my fraternity brother, Xavier Nicholson, told me that. And the only reason he told me is because, once, after giving a speech, he said my content was on point but I could afford to slow down some.

So, long post short, solicit feedback. Accept credible criticism. And grow from it.


Make professional development a priority.


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