Moving With a Purpose

One thing that my fraternity brothers told me was that, if I truly value my time, I am to always move with a purpose. Therefore, I budget my time, even my free time, daily. Every morning, Monday through Friday, I set an agenda of things that I need to accomplish within certain time frames that day. On the weekends, I work to get done what I must before kicking back and watching football. Life is a lot like football (speaking from the perspective of a former cornerback). Every step, every turn, every explosion from the earth into the atmosphere must be done with intent, lest you get burnt by a wide receiver whose apparent curl route suddenly turned into a fly (shoutout to my brother Bryan Evans who taught me that a few times during JV-Varsity scrimmages).

In all seriousness, as young professionals there are times that we do things more out of necessity than purpose because there are bills to pay. I understand that. You must take the job that has nothing to do with your goals just to make ends meet. And don’t think that doing so takes you away from your purpose. It doesn’t have to. Use those necessary jobs to motivate yourself. Trust the process but don’t get stuck in one step of the process. We are at a point in human history where we have all the tools we need to succeed at levels that were previously unfathomable. The only thing we lack, sometimes, is the foresight needed to see past today while still enjoying the present. So, in this present time, move with a purpose, knowing that tomorrow isn’t promised but that you will have goals to accomplish if it comes.

Make professional development a priority.


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