Only One Christopher Will Be Recognized

Generally, I take the opportunity to not write on my days off from work because the blog, though I love it, is work as well. But today is a day that I don’t believe ought to be celebrated and, even though I’m not going to the office, I will be working on my own personal development.

Being off work isn’t an excuse to celebrate the holiday, just like being able to buy land that had been stolen from natives didn’t make it right. The same is true with professional development: just because the handbook says that you can do something doesn’t mean that you should do it. That is where free will comes in. And America, both in the expansion (and subsequent sealing) of its borders as well as the expansion of its commerce, has decided to selfishly exhibit free will more often than not. And, just as the unscrupulous CEO deals with turmoil in his life after ill gains are made, at some point America will also have to reckon with its demons.

So, am I celebrating the day that honors a thief, a rapist, and a murderer? No. I woke up this morning, worked out, wrote this blog, am about to have breakfast, and work on myself professionally. Just as I have a moral obligation in my office to work with integrity, we, as a nation, have an obligation to set the record straight about what Christopher Columbus actually did to get this day named after him. And don’t say that the good outweighs the bad because, though a world power grew from his poor navigational skills and subsequent conquest, how many great Native American minds were lost because of it? Who’s to say we wouldn’t be in another galaxy were it not for their deaths? So the lives lost are just as valuable as those gained.



Make professional development a priority.


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