Too Many Followers

So many people want to be important. And that’s fine. I think every human being should aspire to have a positive impact on the human race. But your desire to be known should not be greater than your desire to learn, which is why I don’t worry about my follower to following ratio. Folks use social media to get famous but get famous and know nothing. I’m not saying you have to follow everyone but you should be following people who have an impact. To fail to do so makes me think you’re just using social media for entertainment and, if that’s the case, cool but know that if you’re an entertainment Tweeter/Instagramer, I probably won’t take the posts you intend to be serious too seriously. Anyone who wants to have influence should constantly be working to build up his/her base of knowledge. With that comes an increased level of influence. Quality over quantity folks.


Make professional development a priority.


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