Cutting It All Off

I just got a new iPhone and you know what I transferred over? Nothing. No texts, no e-mail accounts, no contacts, no photos (outside of my iCloud shared groups), no apps, no nothing.

What I did do was keep my old iPhone and, as folks reach out to me or as I need to reach out to them, I’ll move contacts into my new phone but I am just tired of always being connected and slowing my life (and phone) down with clutter. As far as my work e-mail goes, it is on my work iPad and my old iPhone. If I NEED to get in touch with someone, I can but I don’t like feeling compelled to respond to an e-mail just because it comes into my phone.

This first anniversary trip made me realize that my personal time is my personal time. Yes, I’m on salary. Yes, I usually work between 40 and 50 hours in a given week. But lines must be drawn and, as much as I aim to always be successful, I aim to be happy more. So it’s ok to make someone wait until business hours before you reply. Believe me, the sun will still come up the next day and, if it doesn’t, I can assure you that your failure to reply to an e-mail at 11 P.M. had nothing to do with that.

Oh, and make sure you communicate this. Folks need to know up front that you will work hard and you will work late but, when you log off, you’re logged off. Does that mean I don’t have nights when I wake up at 2 A.M., walk into my home office, and knock some stuff out? No. Of course I do but that’s a choice and not an obligation. But I communicated to my superior and my assistant in a very respectful but unmistakable manner that, while on vacation, outside of an emergency, I’ll be unreachable and will be back in 3 business days. You are the one who sets the norms in your work life. Do it intentionally and within reason. And, when you are at work, work your backside off so no one can question your dedication to the organization.
Make personal happiness a priority.


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