What You Won’t Do Is…

What you won’t do is maintain an incredible physique without eating right and working out. You won’t keep an exemplary marriage without communication and compromise (quick shoutout to my gorgeous bride on my 1,0v3 post). And you won’t have a thriving career without consistency and ideas. Consistency has accomplished much more than an idea ever will. True, without an idea, there is no reason to remain consistent. But without consistency, you should have just given the idea to someone else. Anyone could have your great idea. Anyone could have accepted your good job. Anyone could be exclusive with your amazing significant other. ANYONE. But for you to selfishly take claim of anything as your own and not follow through is both disrespectful to and inconsiderate of your fellow human being. So, please go out and dream and birth ideas and fall madly in love with whatever you’re passionate about. But, if you’re not passionate about it, let someone else have it. Please. It’ll make the world a much better place. This is applicable to everything from relationships (both platonic and romantic) to professionalism. Remain consistent in what you do. And, when you find yourself slacking off (as we all do at times), remember that you took this opportunity/idea from someone else who would have appreciated it just as much, if not more, as you did when you first got it.

Let’s work.


Make professional development a priority.


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