Higher position just amplifies character, it doesn’t change it.” — Pastor (soon to be Dr.) Byron L. Benton

More often than not, we speak of character as if it is a good thing. And it certainly can be but there are also people with bad character. That being said, elevated positions will bring out what was already in a person. A person who makes poor decisions with little will make relatively poor decisions with much. It is inevitable. But, a person who can do good and do well (there is a difference between the two) with little should be able to do likewise with much, assuming that they work vigorously to maintain equilibrium.

I am a firm believer that absolute power corrupts absolutely and, therefore, as you get closer and closer to having absolute power, even a person with a strong moral foundation must work to keep that foundation stable.

All that is to say, as you move up in the professional world, work to stay grounded and maintain your integrity. And, as all humans do, while you are at your current, humble position, work now to strengthen your moral fiber so that, going forward, it’ll be easier to do the right thing.


Make professional development a priority.


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