Timing It Right

Last night, while I was getting some work done that I hadn’t had a chance to wrap up during the day, one of my friends from college texted me asking if I’d had a chance to see the moon. I had totally forgotten that the moon was supposed to be spectacularly close to the earth so I dropped my work, tossed on a hoody, picked up my camera, and hustled outside, only be disappointed. It had rained all day long and the clouds were still lingering. I was going to miss a moon that astronomers said would be humongous and a view that won’t reappear for almost two decades! So I went back inside and got back to work.

But then I thought about it… there may be another option. I decided to wake up earlier than usual today. I knew the sun would not be peeking over the horizon at 5 AM, nor would the moon be sneaking below it. I put a hoody on, headed onto my back deck to make sure the clouds had dissipated, and I hopped in the car to drive a few blocks away where there was less light pollution. It was then and there that I found my great shot.

Opportunities come and they may be for you but the circumstances may not be correctly aligned at that exact moment. Do not be dismayed. Figure out a way to keep moving and meet the opportunity at another of life’s intersections. Timing truly is everything. When the opportunity comes around, will you be asleep or will you get up and make sure you’re ready to capture it in all its glory? Because, if it takes 20 years for the chance to circle back around, who’s to say you’ll be in a position to take it?
Make professional development a priority.


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