Keep Keeping On

This morning, I was able to provide LinkedIn with some constructive feedback for the beta version of their new site. About twice a month since early July, I’ve been working with LinkedIn’s site development team to make sure that the newest version is on par with what professionals, both young and seasoned, are looking for in a web-based, professional development-centered social network. From looking at and digesting dynamic updates being made to formerly static parts of LinkedIn to retaining more of a traditional feel to other aspects of the site, I am honored that the largest professional development network in the world looked to me to provide it with advice.

Though I cannot divulge any details of the soon-to-be released site, I can say that, as a young professional who has developed a brand on the premise of maintaining professionalism while defining work-life balance, it is going to be pretty great. I am a huge fan of LinkedIn and believe that everyone needs to be active on their account, but especially young professionals who are working on getting noticed. Will LinkedIn get you discovered? Maybe not. Will you get over looked by someone without one. Most definitely.

So, go ahead, get familiar with the platform now, before the upgrades happen because, though the look is going to change, the site will still be an enhanced version of the networking opportunities, content sharing capabilities, and professional development resources that it has been since its inception.

Going forward, I will be meeting with their team via video chat to discuss enhancements that I feel would benefit young professionals. Kind of exciting right? To me, it’s the equivalent of a high school basketball prodigy being trained by a 27 year old Michael Jordan.

Realize that this opportunity came because I have branded myself as a millennial expert. So blog. Blog consistently. Set yourself apart. Continue developing because there is always more to be learned. And, when it’s all said and done, you too may be asked to work with a company that you’ve always dreamt of collaborating with.


Make professional development a priority.


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