Neither the Place Nor the Time

I do not subscribe to the old fashioned school of thought that politics are not to be discussed. There is certainly a time and a place for those discussions: anywhere but work. I am a firm believer that, unless of course politics is your field, you should keep it out of the workplace. And that includes professional spaces that are not necessarily in your place of employment.

This morning, I was on LinkedIn and one of my followers had liked a post about Donald Trump so his liking it caused it to show up on my feed. Now, I understand there are Trump supporters in the world and that is their business. And broadcasting your support (or disdain) for a certain candidate on your personal profiles are fine. But a professional networking site just isn’t the place folks. There are people who will respond, disputing your point of view and, if you are one to get into an online debate, you both end up looking terrible. Some people who are in control of hiring may associate what you do in a professional online setting with what you will do in a professional in person setting. And then, guess what? You’ve lost yourself a job. So it’s better to save your political points of view for another (actually any other) setting than a professional one.

Just my three cents.


Make professional development a priority.


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