Must Have Apps When You Can’t Connect

I’m the kind of person who loves to journal and read books the entire flight… if that flight is an hour or two. But, over the past week, I’ve taken two 16+ hr flights and that means I need something else to do. Sure, meals are served and I have the option of in-flight entertainment but during the time I’m not eating, sleeping, or watching “Finding Dory,” I’m looking to be intentional, if not productive, with my expenditure of time. Thankfully, my phone or tablet assists me with this. Below, you’ll find a list of seven must have apps that don’t require you be connected to the web. Check them out and, if you have any suggestions for others, please leave them in the comments.
Oh, and don’t forget your headphones. I forgot my wireless ones and it restricted my listening and charging capability since the new iPhone doesn’t allow both at once.
Free of Charge
Instapaper is one of my favorite apps for killing boredom. Whatever device I’m using, be it a desktop, laptop, iPhone, or iPad, I can access Instapaper and read articles I’ve been putting off or save articles for later. And the great thing is, though I input the links on Instapaper, the articles’ images and texts save to the app so that there is no need for an internet connection. On the 12 hour flight from Tokyo to Detroit, I knocked out a good chunk of the articles stashed on my phone. And don’t hit me with the “I don’t like to read” nonsense. You may not like reading what was assigned you in school but everyone hasn’t topic they’re interested in learning more about. Save articles about that.
iBooks is an app I use daily. My morning devotional and other books I’m constantly chipping away at are on there. And, though I pay for some books, many are free in the iBooks library or I find them online in PDF form and save them to iBooks.
Recolor is a pretty engaging adult coloring book application (as you can see from the picture above). When reading gets redundant, as it sometimes does, this is a neat way to exercise a different part of your mind. With all of the blank pictures and numerous color pallets, there are endless amounts of fun to be had. Just make sure you open the app before you lose web connectivity or you won’t have any pictures to color.
TED is a great app for those who like learning about what interesting questions are being posed by thinkers around the world. If you’re familiar with “TED talks,” this is the app that houses those. Though you do have to be connected to wifi to download videos you’re interested in prior to losing connectivity, once you’re thousands of feet in the air, you can become inspired by what your peers across the globe are thinking about and working on.
Chess is another platform I can access on any device at any time anywhere to play games with people around the world. But, when flying, I have only three options: play a person beside me if (s)he is interested, play against myself, or play the computer. Either way, it is a great use of my time and allows me to strengthen my strategic thinking processes.
Subscription Required
Spotify Premium is a must have right now. At a special rate of 3 months for $0.99 with no requirement to continue, you cannot go wrong. You have access to all the music you want with no need to senselessly use up your data or buy albums you only kind of like.
Amazon Prime is super cool because, unlike Netflix, I am able to download films and shows to watch at my leisure. The ONLY detractor is there are download restrictions in certain nations so, if you’re in the United States, I strongly suggest you download your films BEFORE you leave home. And the same applies for Spotify.
Make professional development a priority.

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