Give Me Integrity Or…

Give me integrity or let me lead myself.

I don’t want a leader who lacks integrity because, in order to follow him or her, I will have to compromise my morals. Leading without integrity is bad for everyone involved. When the leader gets caught, his reputation is ruined. Also, when the leader is caught (and I say “when” because, when making poor decisions, one should always assume that {s}he will get caught at one point or another), those who supported him by aligning their actions with his bad decisions will have their names ran through the mud. Or, if the follower decides to go against the leader, it can be assumed that that leader of questionable integrity will hold anyone who challenges him/her in contempt.

That being said, I’d rather make my own bad decisions if I’m going to make them (though the goal is to always make the best decision possible). I don’t want to follow a leader who is going to make them for me, only to cause us both to fail miserably in the end.


Make professional development a priority.


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