You’ve Got The Keys…

I was listening to the new Fabolous and Trey Songz mixtape last night. On one track, Fabolous said “You ever been looking for your keys and they’re right there in your own pocket? See that’s what’s wrong. Sometimes people look for everybody else to give them the keys but they’re right there.” Think about it. How often do you have keys in your pocket and you’re searching around the house for them? Stop looking to everyone else for the keys to your success. You have them in you. Other people will just show you how to use them. When Future says “I got the keys… keys… keys,” know that you can say it right back. You’re in control of your success. You have been equipped with all the resources necessary to take the steps necessary to be awesome.

Take an honest inventory of yourself this evening and figure out how you can pull your own keys out of your pockets.


Make professional development a priority.


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