On Luck

I personally don’t believe in luck in the sense of anything just happening by chance. I believe everything is a combination of being prepared when an opportunity presents itself. So, if that is luck, there is only one way you can be lucky: keep preparing yourself.

Let’s be realistic with ourselves: throughout history, opportunity has not always presented itself to every American citizen. Still, even today, every citizen of this nation doesn’t get an equal shot at success. But every able bodied person gets a shot and it’s up to that person to be prepared and to prepare those who they are responsible for.

Anyone who plays the lottery could, conceptually, win the lottery. But if the money won (an opportunity) isn’t met with learning/wisdom (preparedness), the cash will most likely  blown and the lottery winner, who many may have seen as lucky, is not just a depressed person who feels as if (s)he has failed.

So, as I said, opportunity will present itself. Will you be prepared when it does?


Make professional development a priority.


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