Your Brand is Looking Hazy

So you want to start a blog… or a clothing line… or a consulting firm. Cool. But what sets you apart? I see screen printed tees every day with logos that are only slightly different than what I could find on Instagram. How are you special? If you’re going to brand yourself, brand yourself. Don’t replicate someone else. Improve upon the foundation that they’ve set. Add value. No one in the history of the earth has ever been a bonafide original but, in order to establish something you can call your own, it has to be different. And, if you want to be more than a flash in the pan, it should be both different and of high quality.

What sets you apart? What gives you an edge on the competition? If you can’t answer these satisfactorily, maybe you should figure it out before taking any more steps.


Make professional development a priority.


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