Always Ready

Everywhere you see me, whether at home, on a plane, at work, or in church, I always have 2 things with me: a pen and a piece of paper. As a blogger, writer, speaker, and all out thinker, I must always be in a position to write. Right this moment, I’m sitting in the barbershop, working on a project, looking over thoughts that will help me continue to brand myself, and blogging (obviously). The only time I don’t have a piece of paper within arm’s reach is when I am in the shower but, thankfully, when in the shower, I have a Bluetooth system that connects to my phone and, when necessary, I can dictate a note of my thoughts.

Additionally, I am rarely too far from my camera. As an amature photographer, I never know when I’ll be in a position to catch the right shot to enter into a contest (by the way, I’m entering my first ever photography show tonight and am kind of excited).

Whatever your “thing is,” always try to be in a position to do it. If you have a business plan, always be prepared to give your elevator pitch. If you fundraise, always know what you’re raising money for. If you think there is a remote chance that you may have a pop quiz on the summer reading during your first class of the semester, make sure you’ve done the reading. When opportunity comes, you don’t have time to get ready, so just stay ready.


Make professional development a priority.


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