Looking Through Someone Else’s Lens

On Becoming a Mind Reader
How aware are you of how people perceive you? Do you care? You should, at least when it comes to within a workplace environment. Coming off as indifferent, arrogant, or antisocial can adversely affect your relationship with members of your team. But how do you know how you are perceived? Ask someone who you don’t manage and/or who you trust to be brutally honest with your best interests at heart.

Then What?
Then change. I was once told that I was arrogant by someone whose opinion I hold in high regard. I never thought of myself as arrogant. I always thought I was simply being confident but still exhibiting humility. Evidently, I was incorrect. So, what did I do? I maintained my confident demeanor but began redirecting the topics of conversations. Even if you aren’t “feeling yourself,” when you talk about yourself or your accomplishments or what you have going on or anything having to do with you, people remember that.

Be Patient With Yourself
You’re not going to be a different person over night. There is no way you’ll be the most sociable or the most invested or the most compassionate or the most positive . But, whenever you catch yourself falling back into your old habits, overcompensate in other direction. Eventually, your goal behavior will incorporate itself into your personality.


Make professional development a priority.


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