One Time For the First

“My president is black.” — Young Jeezy

I still remember exactly where I was and who I was with when I found out that President Barack Obama would be the United States of America’s forty-fourth president.

Do I agree with everything President Barack Obama did? No way. I’m not brainwashed. But this man was the first black president and many of his concerns aligned with mine. Often, we forget what powers the president does and doesn’t have. But one thing I will forever be grateful for is President Barack Obama making healthcare a possibility for so many more people than it once was. It is impossible to succeed if you’re dead. It is difficult to build wealth if you’re not healthy. And it’s challenging to believe you can be something that you’ve never seen. Sure, some people have the imagination that allows them to aspire to greatness that they’ve never seen but it takes true vision coupled with unprecedented actions to be the first. So, President Barack Obama, I salute you for being the people’s president, I implore you to continue giving hope to young people who otherwise wouldn’t have much, and I thank you for being courageous enough not only to try but to do.

Oh, and let me not neglect the elegant legacy that First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama has left. She is an awesome role model. I wish the same could be said for every First Lady of the United States to come…

Make hope a priority.


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