In Your Lane

I love LinkedIn. Truly love it. It is a step away from the tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram model pictures.

Or at least that’s what it’s supposed to be. But, as of late, I’ve seen everything from topless (male) vacation pics that connections of mine have liked to announcements of engagements. It seems that the further off track America gets, the further off our networking platforms get too. Now, do I think that lifestyle and professionalism have a place in which they can coexist? Of course. A post on how great your company culture is because they had Big Sean do a show at your professional development conference’s evening event is great. Or posting an article on the necessity of work-life balance makes a ton of sense. But I really don’t need to see updates about your weekend in Miami on LinkedIn. That’s what Twitter is for. Or Facebook. Or Instagram. Every platform doesn’t have to be about your personal life.

And, as a notice to the aspiring music artists out there, please, promote your brand on every platform you can. But do it by providing people with your website. No one is coming to LinkedIn looking for the next Taylor Swift so the Soundcloud links aren’t really doing you any good on here and are probably losing you connections.

Oh…. before I forget… Use your real name on LinkedIn. And, by real, I mean the one seen on your W-2. I block every “John TheReadlLyricist Jones” or “Prettiest A. Live” who requests me.

Need your LinkedIn or résumé worked on? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at Let’s get you looking the best you can for those you want to look it for.


Make professional development a priority.


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