We Have a Responsibility to Be Better

“It’s not fair.”
“They left us with a terrible economy that we have to fix.”
“They killed the Earth and now we have to decide who isn’t worth the resources.”
“So many people have been screwed over by (insert nation here) that we have no allies.”

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to put the next generation in the position that we’re in. As “unfair” as it may be in our eyes, we have to be better than the generations that came before us. We have to care more about the betterment of everyone than we do about our own level of comfort. That means that we, as citizens of American nations, have to stop using 12 times the water that citizens of African nations. It means we, as young people, have to focus more on what can be recycled and what can be donated. Other generations say that we are ruining society but, without an earth, the generation to come won’t have a society to strengthen.

So, I implore you to take on the burden that has been left for us as opposed to leaving a burden for those that will follow us. Innovate. Develop sustainable ways of living. Build homes on less land with fewer raw materials. Plant more trees. Donate directly to causes that need resources. Change your diet so that the land around you can regenerate. Humans have been killing the earth for a few hundred years. Let’s undo some of the damage, not so that we can go down as the greatest generation to ever live, but so that we can go down as the one that didn’t make excuses that we were dealt a bad economic/ecological/sociopolitical hand.
Make saving the earth and its inhabitants a priority.


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