The Flight Back

Today, I’m flying from BNA to IAD to RDU. Yeah Around two hours in the air and three in the airports. Now, while I may need a nap, that is time time I can commit to getting work done and know that, for at least two of those hours, no one can bother me. Whether it’s writing a blog post (like I’m doing now on my iPhone during landing when I cannot have my laptop out), crafting letters to donors midflight, or chipping away at the book Desirée and I are reading, I am using this time today to be productive. Do I do this every flight? No. Many personal flights, I sleep. But, being that I’m officially at work, I feel like not being productive with my time isn’t of good integrity. The beautiful thing about this first leg of the trip is that I was able to spread out because I didn’t have anyone on my side of the row so I could stretch out like I was at a desk..

During the second leg of the trip, I’ll be working through some projects I planned to complete by the end of this week (though that’s going to require me to get the cup of coffee that’s going to keep me awake). If you’re getting paid for it, get it done so you’re not stressing yourself on the back end.

And I’m doing this all while listening to Gotti.
Make professional development a priority.


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