Do You Need That?

I am willing to estimate that I get 100 e-mails a day (not talking about my work e-mail address). I may need to look at fifteen. Four may require a response. So what do I do with the other eighty five? Well, I’ve started selecting all unread e-mails, scanning the subject line and sender, and, those that don’t need to stay, I archive on sight. If ever I’m looking for a topic that one of the many newsletters I get touches on, it’s as simple as searching back through my archives. But I don’t need to keep the 36,500 e-mails that I get on an annual basis in my inbox. And neither do you. Each weekend, my goal is to get my personal and business e-mail inboxes down to ten or fewer e-mails which I have read (most which require me to take action), and the rest, I select (all which should have been read by Sunday evening) and *POOF* they’re magically archived.  Maybe you should declutter too. It certainly works miracles.


Make professional development a priority.


One Comment

  1. This is actually a great tip! I absolutely hate to have unread emails however there are some that require no action, some that are no longer needed while other have different action timelines. Thanks!


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